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tv   News  ABC  September 8, 2010 6:30am-7:00am EDT

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outer loop at old court road, these were the delays and brake lights lighting up, this is what we're accustomed to seeing. no accidents around 695. 95 southbound five minutes from white marsh boulevard towards the beltway. 83 looking good from shawan towards 695. six-minute ride. 795 jams at owings mills boulevard, six minutes to the beltway from there. traffic is off to a good start. back to you. >> thanks, kim brown. 6:30. a new push to get an addition built onto an overcrowded school in baltimore county, parents say they thought construction was supposed to have started already. it hasn't. they are not happy about it. abc 2 news' sherrie johnson joins us live with more this morning. >> reporter: good morning, megan. that's right, some parents are fed up and they would like to see an addition built on here at hampton elementary school to get the students out of these
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trailers and into better classroom facilities here and to prevent that overcrowding. again, they say they thought construction was supposed to start but it hasn't. they are ready for that to begin. right now the elementary school is designed for 300 students. it opened last week with more than 500. the school has eight trailers outside. four on each side to help with the overcrowding. hampton's pta president said every fourth and fifth grader will be in a trailer. and parents say they are happy with their old building, they just want it to be bigger. county officials say countywide referendum is needed before funding for the addition can be approved. >> there's no construction starting because we didn't get the funding. parents were shocked. >> with an overcapacity in the towson area of well over 300 students, bcps and county cannot afford time lapses for
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the planned additions. >> reporter: now, if the referendum is approved by voters in november, then that construction could start by next year. reporting live in lutherville, sherrie johnson, abc 2 news. we have new video to show you, surfaced from youtube that shows a lion attacking its trainer at the m.g.m. grand in las vegas. look at this. you've seen this exhibit if you've been there. "good morning america," exclusive. we'll have more at 7:00. we wanted to show you the video. we'll let you know what caused the attack and how the trainer is doing this morning. also this morning around the nation, the fbi said investigators found no explosives aboard a los angeles- bound thai air way flight where a bomb threat was found on a bathroom mirror. it originated in bangkok and landened safely in los angeles. passengers were interviewed and released. >> secretary of state hilary clinton joined the chorus of those warning against a planned koran burning on this september
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11th by a small florida church. >> i am heartened by the clear unequivocal condemnation of this disrespectful, disgraceful act that has come from american religious leaders of all faiths. >> u.s. military officers rarely comment publicly on political matters, but the commander of u.s. forces in afghanistan had already warned that the planned burning of the koran would put our troops at a greater risk. despite the plea by general david petraeus, to not do this, the pastor of the church tells abc news he still plans to go through with the demonstration. in the capital, a group leaders said it hurts all religions out there. chicago police hope the suspects in a weekend hit and run will be identified. surveillance video caught the
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brutal attack. darlene williams, two children and a friend were leaving a store, a car ran into them and dragged them before crashing into a parked car and building. their bodies are blurred in the video but two suspects then ran away, williams wanted to catch the suspects herself, she says. >> i was injured, and i was trying to go after them myself. nobody else was. >> nobody else was. all four survived, although williams' 11-year-old daughter is in critical condition right now. police are working on enhancing the surveillance photos for better identification of the suspects. all right. we have a school in orlando, florida, put on lockdown yesterday after a suspicious looking stuffed animal showed up on school grounds. >> imagine this. the bomb squad was called in and decided the best thing to do, blow the pony up. it was later determined the little pony posed no threat to anyone. no word on who had to break the bad news to the owner, most likely a childo what happened
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to their cute little stuffed pony. a study that won't surprise you if you have to drive more than a mile to work every day. >> yeah, find out where maryland roads stack up next to other roads in the country. sounds more like a rowdy bar crowd than a group of trapped miners trying to keep spirits up for those trapped a half mile underground.
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news around the world, police in honduras are searching for a gunman in a shooting in a shoe factory that left several people dead. drug traffickers proliferated in the area but they have no
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reason to believe the drug- related. nine fishing boats were gutted, they were docked at the port of safety in case a typhoon hit. take a look at the video, the fire spread quickly because of the strong winds, 300 firefighters worked to put out the flames but they were not able to save most of the boats there. they are trapped half a mile underground but they still cheer on their national football team. a fiberoptic signal was lowered down with a mini projector to display the game on the cave wall, chile playing the ukraine. rescue efforts continue, they are drilling down 400 feet. the miners have been down there
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since august 5th. >> they will be rescued in november. a woman is dead, a man in critical condition this morning. >> a house goes up in flames. police and fire officials have an investigation on their hands. they want to know how the woman died. it's not because of the fire. i'm linda so. the many questions surrounding her death. plus, finding that perfect booster seat for your child, no easy job. but this morning there are no ratings to tell you which ones to buy and which ones to avoid. >> plus, the mayor teams up to get you eating right and working out. >> a huge community outpouring for a boy with leukemia, we have good news about his battle with cancer. hi. i'm jim perdue.
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>> 64 2. i'm megan pringle. we're following a report since 11:00 last night. child booster seats. >> the government has a new report on how booster seats have met their top ratings compared to last year. we'll go live to washington with more. >> before we get to that we'll get to lynette charles with a
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look at what we can expect over the next few hours. >> we're dealing with some warmer temperatures this morning, but we have a cool trend that's going to move through the area as well. if you don't like the hot temperatures, oh, yes, i have better looking news. we look at the temperatures, you can see around baltimore right now, 74 degrees, headed to new york 77. and we're at 77 degrees right around cape hatteras, but the further inland you go towards the north and west, look at the greens. you should see cooler temperatures moving in. 53 in chicago. we'll get in some 50s as we head into tomorrow. let's send this over to kim brown with your traffic. >> good morning. two accidents to let you know about, one downtown at paca and pratt, another lingering into timonium and dulaney valley and ridge roads. good on the beltway, except the outer loop is jammed the entire stretch. harford road, the delays begin at bel air road. the outer loop on the west side begins to jam at 795. we'll check the 95 corridor in a few moments.
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back to you. >> thanks, kim. 6:45. it's an awful thing to watch someone's home go up there names. even worse when you later learn there was somebody inside who never was able to make it out. that's what neighbors living in one apartment building in columbia are dealing with after a victim was discovered. linda so joins us here in the studio with more on two investigations surrounding one fire. linda? >> reporter: the first investigation, police want to know how the fire started, but investigators also want to know how the woman died because they say her injuries were not related to the fire. a man was also found inside the burning apartment with critical injuries, not due to the fire. the victim's mother told us off camera her daughter had divorced the man but he became homeless and she was helping him temporarily. she says he has a history of a bad temper. the woman had four children to high school to 6. the man we're told is the father of the youngest child. the fire broke out yesterday afternoon on majors lane in the jeffers hill community in
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columbia. a neighbor called 911 after seeing heavy smoke and fire from the third floor apartment. none of the four children were inside the home when the fire started. now they are left to mourn the loss of their mother. >> always had a smile on her face. she loved her kids. her kids were her world. and just to see him sobbing like that to know he doesn't have a mother! oh, it's sad! >> reporter: police have not released the man or woman's identities. they are both believed to be in their 30s. the man was in critical condition at shock trauma at last check. the red cross is helping nine families displaced by the fire. in the studio, linda so, abc 2 news. >> thanks, linda. semper fidelis means always faithful. a 25-year-old marine, chris valley from randallstown, made that commitment but was killed in afghanistan over the weekend on sunday. an i.e.d.
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hit his vehicle sunday. he was working for a private security firm. he enlisted in the marines in 2003 when he was just 17 years old. we did searching on the internet and found valley had a purple heart. he served three tours of duty in iraq. he had planned to return from afghanistan and marry his fiancie. >> baltimore city police are looking for three after a stabbing at university of baltimore and penn station, they are now in custody. the victim told police a young boy asked him for change for $5 bill. when the victim refused, he says another boy stuck a knife into his back. the suspected attacker just 14 years old. the victim was able to flag down a university of baltimore police officer who called police. officers say three suspects were arrested, two 14-year-olds and a 16-year-old. 6:47. the state has recorded two more heat-related deaths. that brings the total for the year to 28. state health officials say the
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victims were an adult dorchester county resident with a serious medical condition, and a senior citizen from baltimore who had heart disease. a man who was the subject of a policeman hunt after authorities say he tried to kill his ex-girlfriend is behind bars at this hour. police say the 32-year-old joshua prince of montgomery county surrendered to pennsylvania authorities. it started in north bethesda after 7:00 in the morning yesterday. police say prince shot at his former girlfriend with a high- powered rifle. he missed. then he ran away. prince'se girlfriend filed a restraining order against him a week ago. the search is on for a pre- release inmate two escaped an officer in baltimore. the 26-year-old william lucas ran away after he was being led from one corrections facility to another on greenmount avenue yesterday morning. he was seen wearing a blue division of correction shirts and pants, serving a four-year
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sentence for robbery and drug charges. if you have information about his whereabouts, call police. 6:49. your child too big for a car seat but not big enough to be protected by his or herself in a safety belt if there's a crash? we have a little help for parents struggling to pick out the best booster seat. that's because the insurance institute for highway safety released a rating of 72 different kinds. sandra endo joins us with the details this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, megan. it's so important to keep your kids safe in the car. when it comes to booster seats, the insurance institute for highway safety says when it comes to booster seats, it's all about the fit. now, as you mentioned, they tested around 72 boosters, and out of all those 21 got the seal of approval. they got the ranking of best bet. now, 7 earned good bet. but 8 are not recommended at all. last year that's an improvement, last year only 9 out of 60 got a good bet rating.
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experts are saying this is what to look for when you fit your child in a booster seat. >> what you need to look for is the lap belt needs to fit firmly across the top of the thighs. you don't want it riding up onto the tummy of a child, which is soft and might be injured in a crash. for the shoulder belt, a good fit is snug across the center of the shoulder, not riding up against the neck, or going too far off the shoulder. >> reporter: some interesting tips. there are no federal guidelines. yes, good safety tips there. there are no federal guidelines, as i was mentioning, megan, that require manufacturers to make the boosters a certain way or have the seat belt fit a certain way. clearly, it is good for the parents to go that extra mile to make sure your child is
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fitting correctly in that seat. very important to keep your child safe. megan? >> sandra endo reporting live in d.c. this morning. thank you so much. good stuff. jamie? >> the orioles beat the yankees again, sabathia is a lock in the bronx but the orioles were locked in, score three quick runs. derek jeter says the orioles are pretty good. buck showalter whips out the 2011 spring training schedule. you're kidding, you know the mileage? no, what time the bus will be scheduled to leave. he's that details. fans are starting to enjoy the ride. way to go, buck. baltimore city is taking steps to make sure you're in a healthy baltimore city. the mayor announced the first healthy city days from superstar ray rice. >> this is part of an effort to join with our partners, care
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first, university of maryland, giant, all these great partners to create a healthier city. >> you don't have to be a professional athlete for your health to be a concern. you can be a normal human being growing up. one thing about it is your health. life expectancy, everything. it takes a group effort. i just think it's very important. >> the goal is to encourage healthy lifestyle choices by eating right. it runs through october 1. >> you'll no longer say you're going to the lyric opera house, because there's going to be a name change. it will soon be called the patricia and arthur modell performing arts center at the lyric. the former baltimore ravens owner and his wife donated $3.5 million to the theater. the money ensures the completion of the extensive renovations to that theater. it's expected to be finished next fall, the lyric has not
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changed its name since it opened in 1894. a ceremony on september 21 will signify the official name change. our roads in maryland are among the nation's worst, 43 out of 50. etnorth dakota got the best grade from the survey, rhode island got the worst. rhode island. an update on story we told you last month. >> friends of a local ninth grader battling leukemia asked for your help with the join for joe bone marrow drive. a donor has been found for joe gorman. this is what's happening, every tuesday and wednesday night is join for joe night at chile's. present the flier when you
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order, the restaurant will donate 20% to his fund. you can find the flier online at good morning. we're bracing for a cold front to move through the area because it's going to drop the temperatures off. we'll have dry air behind that. also windy conditions as we go throughout the day. that's going to enhance the burn threat that we have out there. so we're looking at showers now, trying to march off toward the east. we have one shower now but it's into virginia, off towards the south and west of fredericksburg at this time. as we check out what's happening, zoom out, we have tropical depression now hermine dropping lots of rain into northern and central texas, all this is sliding up towards the north there. it will be reaching oklahoma and kansas as we go through time. flooding is a big threat. our forecast brings sunshine in as we go into tomorrow.
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also the cooler temperatures. but this model picks up on a few clouds. we'll see more sunshine, get ready for that. we'll have the temperature today around 87 degrees. we'll be windy and we will have those increasing clouds by tonight. 55, mostly clear and school, by tomorrow that temperature right around 78 degrees. we'll take that and here is your seven-day forecast. we'll have another 70 as we roll into friday. check it out. 77 degrees, ample sunshine in the forecast. and then by saturday, more of the same. lots of sunshine, our next chance for showers will work their way in on sunday. tell us about the traffic. >> this morning, the beltway will be your biggest headache, heavy volume and moderate delays particularly around the outer loop on both the east and west sides. keep that in mind this morning as we check at 95, this is the fort mchenry tunnel, you'll encounter minor delays approaching the toll plaza, but into the tube traffic is moving at a nice pace. as we look at the drive times on the outer loop from 795 to 70, that's an 8-minute ride.
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6 minutes on 95 southbound from white marsh boulevard to the beltway, minor delays on the harbor tunnel thruway between the 95 split through 295. an accident at paca and pratt, they have shifted construction lanes, two right lanes are blocked on pratt street near the convention center. two left lanes are open, but it's gridlock. timonium, delaney really road. >> michael bloomberg is on good morning america next, talking about the mosque at ground zero. he supports the plan. all right. the first lady michelle obama invited dancers from across the country to perform. we'll take a look at that this morning. >> all right. that and more, we'll see you at 9:00. >> see you then.
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